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Professional consultations for the feel
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Consultants, Designers, Horticulturalists and DIWOH!

My passion is connecting homeowners to their perfect match for all things outdoors. I'm a born and bred Alberta gal who is a 'Jane of trades' with fresh new ideas for gardening under the arch. From garden consultations to managing landscape construction projects to a DIWOH (DoItWithOurHelp) option to suit any budget, I utilize my team of specialists and independent contractors to bring your vision to life.


Landscape and Gardening advice for the discerning homeowner. 

Howdy! I’m Carolyn, The Chinook Gardener 

Helping you to transform your outdoor space into a thriving and peaceful haven. I specialize in harmonizing your home with its natural surroundings, closely evaluating wind, sun, shade, soil, and micro-climates. This creates the groundwork for a beautiful and functional outdoor space tailored to your unique tastes.


Working closely with you, my team and I offer functional and sustainable garden advice along with aesthetically-pleasing landscape plans that complement your lifestyle. By assessing existing layouts, buildings and terrain, a seamless integration of your vision will begin to form.


Our expertise extends to selecting plant materials tailored to your site, considering maturity and managing growing conditions to combat those drying Chinook winds.  We help you nurture your garden and offer tips to safeguard your investment with water-wise tips to minimize water bills while enhancing the curb appeal of your home. 


Embrace a ‘food to table’ concept that introduces edibles, animals and permaculture techniques to create a beautiful and tasty ‘mini-farm’ right in your own back yard.  Imagine a whole community working together to revolutionize the way we manage our personal environments one yard at a time…. 


A thoughtful plan leads to a well-executed project. We can help you bring it to life and maintain it for many years to come. Welcome to a greener, more vibrant future with The Chinook Gardener at the helm.


Three options to fit your needs perfectly!

One Hour
Site Consultation

Treat yourself to some expert advice for creating water-wise, ornamental and yummy edible elements in your garden. Create a great landscape concept or take in sound suggestions for growing fruits and veggies on your patio or balcony - the pro tips are at your fingertips!

     One-Hour Site Consult

Spend a blissful hour with one of our qualified experts to help you get started with your own personal oasis!  Get ready for some great verbal advice followed up with your own notes... or record the consultation for later reference.  


How much?

$195 + GST  (within City limits)

Additional time? $125/hr 

Details and costs for full landscape design will be discussed at that time. 


*please note that consultations are prepaid prior to booking

(Do It With Our Help)

Tired of the challenges of DIY projects? Doing it yourself can be challenging and frustrating. Welcome to a whole new concept that puts you in the driver’s seat. DIWOH (Do It With Our Help) an innovative and personal way to finally get that landscape job done.  


From placing plants to learning how to lay pavers, book one of our landscape experts to help you get started with your project. They will recommend local products and additional services to compliment your job. Consider a return visit (or a few) for professional guidance to bring your unique vision to life.

How much?

$145 + GST for the first hour.
Add on more time at $95/hr  

Too much? Let us match you with a seasoned installation team to continue with the work and magically transform your outdoor living spaces!

From small garden renovation ideas to large scale landscape concepts, our designer will help you plan your own project or solve existing challenges. Create harmony in your outdoor space with expert advice on function, flow and year round colour.  

       Two-Hour Site Consult

Includes one hour of the designers verbal advice with the second hour to sketch a particular area or start measuring to draw up a larger area of your yard scaled plan with measurements.

You will receive a scanned copy of the sketch within 5 working days. 

How much? 

$295 + GST (within City limits)  

Additional time $125/hr

Details and costs for full landcape design will be discussed at that time


*please note that consultations are prepaid prior to booking


Two Hour
Site Consultation
Sketch Combo

Home Deck
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