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Pots and Containers - Delivered!
Check out our selection of lightweight and durable fibre cement containers. Perfect for those tight spots and those that need light pots!  Specially chosen to firmly support our Four Season Planters. 
Self contained fountains for your patio.  Water bowls combined with a soothing bamboo water feature.  Love succulents?  These can double as a succulent planter. Creating an instant oasis right in your back yard!
Majestic and sturdy, our selection of Ceramic pots from Asia are sure to add solid beauty to any garden. Frost tolerant to -40 celsius with a rich array of colours to choose from.  Contact us for more custom (but limited!) choices from our 'one of a kind' inventory.
Need help to decide which ones, how many and where?  Contact us for a design consultation!
Designed, Supplied, Delivered - It's Yours!
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