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Seasonal Planter Subscriptions
Subscribe to our Four Season Planter program today!  We deliver the fresh and elegant beauty of a custom arrangement right to your doorstep.  Our talented floral artists tailor each arrangement to your taste, budget and style of home.  
Price points for all seasons and size of containers:
"CLASSIC"  $140 - $230 (per season)
"PREMIUM"  $180 -$350 (per season)
"LUXURY"  $220 - $430 (per season)
"CUSTOM PLUS"  quoted price
*delivery $75/seasonal order (includes dismantle, recycle and disposal)

Subscribed, Designed, Delivered - It's Yours!

Spring Displays

A tasteful combo of fresh greens and "who knew?" everlastings for that special touch of colour and whimsy. 

On the left, a 'Premium' style arrangement.

On the right, a set of 'Luxury' displays (in Chinook Gardener's select containers for sale)

For more examples of our Spring Displays please click here.

Summer Displays

Each pre-grown summer arrangement is custom crafted from photos of your pots at your home! Doorstep, garage, patio, deck and around the pool and hot tub.

See a 'Classic' arrangement on the left and a 'Luxury' tropical pot on the right

For more examples of our Summer Displays please click here.

Fall Displays

Seasonal blending with fresh greens and mature plants. Warm splashes of rust, butter yellow and maroon tones to beautifully reflect the changing seasons.

See a gorgeous 'Premium' pot on the left and added fall touches on a 'Luxury' arrangement on the right.

For more examples of our Fall Displays please click here.

Winter Displays

Bring on the classic splendor of the Festive Season with the pungent scent of spruce, pine and fir boughs, berry accents, and flashy 'bling' to herald in Christmas. Keeping your doorstep warm and ever green over the winter months.

Add some Christmas cheer with lights, ornaments or birch poles for that extra special touch.

For more examples of our Winter Displays please click here.

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